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Summer Love, a song by Justin Timberlake on Spotify.
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Now's not the time to go through your mental checklist to see if he's marriage material. Not right now, anyway. Just have fun getting to know this guy and decide later whether he's a keeper or not. If your crush turns into a critical crab or a slimy fish, toss him back in the water and keep fishing!

Let's face it: We're all on our best behavior when we first meet someone. It's only later that we reveal our deeper selves. So that funny guy you hooked up with at a friend's luau may be Mr.

Summer Love

Personality in a crowd, but not so good one on one. Or he may reveal a darker side to him behind closed doors. If your instinct senses trouble, find someone else to crush on. It's alright to get swept off your feet as long as you plant your toes back in the sand at some point and keep focusing on your own desires.

Thoughts about your new, exciting romance can become all-consuming. That's totally understandable. Just remember to stay engaged in your own life, as well.

Go out with friends, take time for yourself or start a new project. By staying focused on your own desires, you'll be more grounded and self-confident. It's fine to turn the heat up, just don't get burned.

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Your feelings may be heating up and you could be starting to wonder what "this" is. Although it's important not to be eager it is summer after all , if it's really bugging you, say something. It's better to be honest about your feelings instead of getting burned later with his disappearing act, or his "I just want to be friends" text. If he feels the same way, then you'll be heating things up together! Served in.

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Sep 1, Medium body. Grass and malt aroma.

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Fruity hops and malty taste, finish is sweet citrus that fades to mild bitterness. I found this review helpful. Aug 20, Pours amber with a fluffy white head. Aroma of dry yeast and malt. Taste has herbal malt base. Palate has herbal elements as well a floral hop note.


Pretty ok. Aug 11, Found out of can. Nice light summer beer. Not overly impressive but solid and a bit better than average for the style. Jun 26, Pale color with a nice white head and lacing. Nice floral aroma. Floral, slight lemony taste with nice note if bitterness. Very good summer beer!

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May 5, Pours clear, bright golden with a two finger, white head. Aroma is hops and some caramel. Taste is caramel and light plum, moving to strong hop backbone and light lemon notes. Finish is hoppy. Not my kind of summer beer. Can Craft Beer Cellar. I had it on tap. The aroma is lemon, biscuit, and slightly piney hops.

The taste is slightly bitter hops, lemon and other fruit, and some biscuit. This is nice and crisp with a good sweet and bitter balance. This is good for a warm day. You can …. A love of summer and the freedom it provides is deeply rooted in all of us from childhood. So, a beer called Summer Love invokes feelings of nostalgia. Nostalgia for staying outside all day, old friends, and nights when the evening light hangs around just long enough to get yourself in trouble.

Summer Love

Nothing can live up to summers past. My mind was imagining a beer that could just as easily be enjoyed at night as it could in the morning hours of a day off; a beer that could hang out at a concert or on the back porch; one that would pair just as well with a book on the beach or park. Upon first pour, the beer is inviting. A refreshing clear golden beer that I can actually see through is a welcome break from the haze craze that has filled New Jersey and all other breweries of late.

Enticing earthy and citrusy hop aromas give way to flavors of lemon and pine. I certainly get the floral, lemony notes on the palate for a second that seems as fleeting as summer itself.