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When it does, many instantly believe a quote or saying, especially if it sounds like that person said it. In the case of Jesus, on occasion there will.
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What did He do, and how does this affect us? These are enemies because they tempt us to act contrary to For this purpose, God made a body for Jesus, which was of the seed of David according to the flesh. He was not the first one with such a body. Just think of Solomon. He built a temple for God, according to the plans which God had given to David through an understanding in writing, by His hand upon him.

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He received the plan for a new creation, a new holy temple that He should build — not outside of His body as Solomon did, but within His earthly body. This work was exceedingly great.

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All gold, silver, copper, special attire — yes, all external, human, impressive customs and beautiful exteriors vanished, and gradually all human greatness and legalistic and formal religiosity was eradicated. Isaiah Also the old priesthood and the altar with the sacrifices disappeared. Jesus Himself became the priest, who brought the sacrifices God showed Him. This death made an end to the passions and desires, the sin in the flesh — something that was impossible before.

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Hebrews The cross that Jesus bore each day became the altar on which the blood of His self-life flowed constantly. This is how Jesus silently built the new temple for a habitation of God — stone by stone; no one saw it, and no one heard it. The Word became flesh and the light was revealed. Besides through a plain common sense reading of the text, we know he meant the people alive while he was speaking because he said that some of his listeners and the high priest at his trial would still be alive to see his return to Earth.

Rationalization 4: When Jesus said that some of his listeners would be alive to see him return, he was talking about the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended on the church. This is another explanation that is so far from rational that is it hard to accept that anyone sincerely believes it. The Book of Acts tells the story of the Holy Spirit appearing over the heads of the saints as tongues of fire endowing them with the magical ability to speak in unlearned languages.

There is no mention of them seeing Jesus in the clouds with angels.

The supposed event did not accompany the final judgment. None of the things Jesus said would occur at his return happened on the Day of Pentecost. To God a thousand years is a day. This is actually the first Christian attempt found in 2 Peter 3 to explain away the fact that Jesus had not come as expected.

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Believers of the time had begun to waver in their faith because Jesus had not come back as promised. For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation. He basically tries to make the argument that time is meaningless to God. The most truthful answer: Not likely. When reading 2 Peter, we must keep in mind when it was written. It is well-known that many of the writings floating around the early church were not written by the people claimed to have written them, but were forged by believers to push their particular doctrines.

This is most likely the case with the book of 2 Peter. It has proven difficult for scholars to pinpoint exactly when the book was written, but they all place its origin sometime between 60 and A. Assuming his disciples were somewhere around his own age and taking into account average life expectancy of that time and that, according to church tradition, the apostles were all killed, none of them would have likely been alive in 60 A.

It seems likely that this was an attempt to keep believers in the nascent Catholic churches in the fold.

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This is not the only case of forgery to uphold Catholic doctrine. There are other forgeries in the New Testament that have been recognized by scholars as such. Many saw this event through visions. As far as I know, no Christian apologists say the judgment occurred when Jesus supposedly went back to Heaven in the first century. Everything in the New Testament places judgment day at the end of the world. This rationalization is nothing more than interpreting the Bible by a doctrine you want to be true.

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Did Jesus never say anything in secret as He said?

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